Following chart will help you understand the work flow. This ensures in smooth transition of work.

Outsourcing Techniques

We receive data from client in following manner:

  • Server Based :Client uploads data on our FTP server which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This encryption layer ensures our communication channel is completely secure and hence your data is protected. We download the files, complete the bookkeeping, accounting and tax related work. The updated files are then uploaded on the server for client's review and approval.

  • Remote Access Based :We access client's software using remote access desktop service like Secure VPN, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, PC Anywhere, etc.
    We will perform work on the files using remote access and inform client of the work done. This is considered to be the most convenient mode of data transfer.

  • Email Us :This process includes sending us scanned documents. The files are downloaded and staff works on the data for books updation or Tax Preparation. The updated files are e-mailed to client for their review and approval. This technique is used when the data is not too huge to transfer.

  • Online Bookkeeping :Client sends us the source documents to be worked on. We use the source document to update data on the Online Accounting Software that client uses. Updated files can be reviewed and approved by client on online accounting software.