Bird Outsourcing


Bird Outsourcing specializes in the domian of low-cost, reliable and efficient outsourcing services of accounting, finance, taxation, payroll and transaction processing. We have unique structure and service delivery platform that not only provides cost-saving but also help customers achieve highest level of quality and accuracy.

Our team comprises of a group of Chartered Accountants who brings together considerable talent and experience. Their exposure to the workings of international markets helps them clearly understand the global perspectives of our customers.

We strive to make customers comfortable with outsourcing to India by making the process seamless and hassle-free. The team always goes the extra mile to ensure that we are always there for our customers.

Bird Outsourcing is based on following principles:

  • Understanding customers' need.
  • Quality at every stage.
  • Cost savings and increase in revenue.
  • Fast turnaround of project work.
  • Confidentiality and privacy of any information.
  • Significant improvement in the productivity of your business.